Themes In Windows OS

Some operating or themed systems that can be used in computing are the Microsoft windows, Linux, and some applications. The Microsoft windows have supported the themes since the successful thrive of the Windows 98. This specific operating system and the Windows ME, its successor, came with the different and amazing themes that can customize the desktop backgrounds, all the icons, the user interface colors, and even the Windows sounds and the mouse cursors.
There’s more to that; a separate application package which is called Plus! for Windows 95 also added the very same features to the Windows 95. Windows XP also expanded the Windows theme support by adding more Windows XP visual styles as well as the power to allow each theme to specify one. This features were carried and passed over to the Windows Vista which added the Windows Aero, but this was removed again with the Windows 8.

Some third-party apps like WindowBlinds, Desktop Architect and the TuneUp Utilities can enhance all the theme capabilities.