Why Do You Need Themes?

A theme is used to customize primarily the look and feel of a certain piece of the computer software or of any operating system. In connection with the advanced technology, when we say look and feel, it should not be understood literally. In the software design world, look and feel is a phrase or term that is used in the graphical user interface and also comprises the aspects of its designs as well.  These designs include the certain elements such as the color, shape, layout, the typefaces or the “look”, and the behavior of the dynamic elements in regards with the software design such as the boxes, buttons, and the menus or the “feel”.
Themes are oftentimes used to change the overall look and feel of something, usually in a wide range of things with just one move and this is the reason that makes them less granular rather than allowing the users to set the available options individually. One example is when you want a window-border from a certain theme but the problem is installing it will also the desktop’s background.
A possible and effective method for dealing problems like that is to just allow the user to select or choose the parts of the theme that they badly want to load. One example for windows 98 is when you could perfectly load the background and the screensaver from a certain theme, but the  not so good is it leave your icons and sounds very much untouched.